Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maybe Next Time

Aaron and I went to Seattle this past Valentines Day weekend and saw one of my favorite artists, Whiting Tennis, at the Sunset Tavern to see the Nick Jaina show. I blew it and couldn't get up the nerve to tell him how inspiring his artwork has been to me. Although I still have some major, heart wrenching regrets, the whole situation was very exciting. It made me realize how reachable our idols are, despite how high we hold them up in our minds.

Whiting Tennis

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My sister is having a baby so the sisterly thing to do was to plan a baby shower for her. Much needed baby gifts, embarrassing games, food, what more could she want? I put together these invites for the event. 

Deer or the Download

I illustrated and printed these CD-less album covers for Deer or the Doe a while back. We wanted to release a digital download but with more than just files because album artwork was so important to us. The image came from a photo we took of ourselves underneath a large, striped piece of fabric. Using stripes was helpful in drawing the draping and folding.