Sunday, October 25, 2009

Contemporary Studio Practice take 2

For the second time, and after I believing that I was graduating, I am taking Contemporary Studio Practice with Horia Boboia. I like the class because it allows me to work freely in the studio space. I have 24/7 access to the room, as well as the freedom to choose the medium and content of my project.

The Project

I had a vision of doing a collaborative series. I had a mental image of what my final presentation would look like before I had a concept. In my vision was a studio space with a table in center and at the table was an individual building a structure. On the wall behind the work table was a shelf with a collection of similar looking structures and drawings of those structures.

For this project I asked a number of people (in this case, creative friends and family) to build a structure out of the specific materials they were given. They had three rules: to use ALL of the materials, to complete the piece within 2 hours, and to make sure it was stable enough for me to move around. Other than that, they had complete creative freedom over their piece. My part of the project involves documenting the process, and using the structures as models for drawings and prints, which is what i'm currently working on.

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