Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Tolerance is another word for indifference" - W. Somerset Maugham
A small lesion was found on my brain recently. I'm still unsure what it means. The radiologist decided it's an abnormality or scarring of the tissue, a trauma. When I told a friend of mine she said "yeah, an abnormality that makes you incredibly intelligent and creative." It meant a lot to me and I want to continue working with this idea.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Last Thursday (First Thursday) some friends and I went out to see a couple art shows. We first stopped at PNCA to see first year MFA candidate Daniel Glendening's show which included open-fired clay, and resin sculptures resembling rocks and a 20 minute video of what appear to be stars (not celebrities) dancing. The most exciting part of the night was our time at IGLOOgallery. My good friends Lori Gilbert, Miles Sprietsma, and Ralph Pugay were auctioning artwork along with lots of other local visual artists. To enter in the auction, you had to purchase a ticket for $5, write your name on it, and put it in the cup next to the artwork you wanted. At 9:00, a name was drawn from each cup and the winner got to take home the artwork that night. I bid on Ralph's painting and won. I'm really stoked! Pardon the bad lighting.

Hospital with Hotdogs, 2009, 14"x 18", acrylic on masonite

Monday, May 3, 2010

A sort of free flowing mission statement for a project i'm starting about feeling neutral.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nationale Birthday

Last week, I went on a search to find cool birthday gifts for my boyfriend. I took a walk to the strip of shops and studios on lower east Burnside. To my disappointment 3 or 4 shops I had planned to peruse were closed, early. The store that was open, however, was not a disappointment at all. Nationale was just the thing I was looking for. Interesting artwork, imported French goods, and a great selection of art books. I picked this up, signed and all!

Illustrated by Chris Johanson and Jo Jackson.

Dr. Kevorkian, the painter

Last night a friend of mine informed me that Dr. Kevorkian is not only a promoter of assisted suicide but also an artist. His stuff is eerie, bizarre, or in other words, Kevorkianish. In my opinion, he's pretty smart to exploit his creepy reputation to make it as an artist.
Here are some bunny puppeteers pulling strings at some guys mind.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Currently, at the Heist Gallery in NYC, an exhibition called Cake Mixx is showing. The artist, Dustin Wayne Harris photographs cakes (built by the women he's dating) which he thinks are metaphors for his relationship with the people who made them. Like a crystal ball, he uses them to see into the future of the relationship.
I've been thinking about how inanimate objects relate to people and can have some of the same "personality" traits as a human being. People are complex, but no matter how complex the object, whether it be constructed out of many objects or a single item, cannot compare to all the baggage of a person. However, I do believe that because what we know of people is mostly on the surface, there isn't as much to relate. Relationships are even more complex, involving two people, so why didn't Harris participate in the making of the cakes photographed? He's relying entirely on the other person to determine how the relationship will end up, as if the single failed cake maker is faulted for the demise of the team. Try following a recipe with another person, or traveling with your new girl/boyfriend and having to navigate a new place, than you might have a better idea of how the relationship will turn out.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maybe Next Time

Aaron and I went to Seattle this past Valentines Day weekend and saw one of my favorite artists, Whiting Tennis, at the Sunset Tavern to see the Nick Jaina show. I blew it and couldn't get up the nerve to tell him how inspiring his artwork has been to me. Although I still have some major, heart wrenching regrets, the whole situation was very exciting. It made me realize how reachable our idols are, despite how high we hold them up in our minds.

Whiting Tennis

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My sister is having a baby so the sisterly thing to do was to plan a baby shower for her. Much needed baby gifts, embarrassing games, food, what more could she want? I put together these invites for the event. 

Deer or the Download

I illustrated and printed these CD-less album covers for Deer or the Doe a while back. We wanted to release a digital download but with more than just files because album artwork was so important to us. The image came from a photo we took of ourselves underneath a large, striped piece of fabric. Using stripes was helpful in drawing the draping and folding.

Saturday, January 30, 2010



I'm awake, but a little groggy. It's rare to wake up in the morning and immediately feel ready to go. I think only Disney princesses can achieve that. Somehow, with no exercise and a poor diet of maple syrup and hand picked berries from the forest, they get up and skip along to do nothing all day. I, however, am doing lots of things today. First and foremost, I will be assisting Aaron while he letterpresses The Shivas album covers. They will be gorgeous. Also, I am working on a baby shower invite for my sister. This image is an example of what came into my brain when I thought about 'baby', and 'children'. It's perfect for my concept.

On another note, I letter-pressed these flyers for my friend Coyle's solo-show. The opening is on Monday, February 1st from 4-6pm and will run until February 26th at MK Gallery, PSU.