Saturday, January 30, 2010



I'm awake, but a little groggy. It's rare to wake up in the morning and immediately feel ready to go. I think only Disney princesses can achieve that. Somehow, with no exercise and a poor diet of maple syrup and hand picked berries from the forest, they get up and skip along to do nothing all day. I, however, am doing lots of things today. First and foremost, I will be assisting Aaron while he letterpresses The Shivas album covers. They will be gorgeous. Also, I am working on a baby shower invite for my sister. This image is an example of what came into my brain when I thought about 'baby', and 'children'. It's perfect for my concept.

On another note, I letter-pressed these flyers for my friend Coyle's solo-show. The opening is on Monday, February 1st from 4-6pm and will run until February 26th at MK Gallery, PSU.



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