Sunday, May 9, 2010


Last Thursday (First Thursday) some friends and I went out to see a couple art shows. We first stopped at PNCA to see first year MFA candidate Daniel Glendening's show which included open-fired clay, and resin sculptures resembling rocks and a 20 minute video of what appear to be stars (not celebrities) dancing. The most exciting part of the night was our time at IGLOOgallery. My good friends Lori Gilbert, Miles Sprietsma, and Ralph Pugay were auctioning artwork along with lots of other local visual artists. To enter in the auction, you had to purchase a ticket for $5, write your name on it, and put it in the cup next to the artwork you wanted. At 9:00, a name was drawn from each cup and the winner got to take home the artwork that night. I bid on Ralph's painting and won. I'm really stoked! Pardon the bad lighting.

Hospital with Hotdogs, 2009, 14"x 18", acrylic on masonite

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